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Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are done once a year at the end of the calendar year; in addition to that, on a quarterly basis there will be an informal review of the performance. The purpose of the performance review is to establish what happened in the last year, and to review the gaps and needs of the […]

Human Resources Training

Performance Management

Performance management is a very important strategy to manage the organization, and for the continuity of business. And here is why: Performance management is linked to success, that means that if an individual does better, then his/her team does better, therefore, if teams do better, then the entire organization is doing better, which is one […]

Employee Relation Human Resources

Employee Engagement

This has been a pretty hot topic in the region for some time now, a lot of companies have started to measure their employees engagement with the organization. It is also one of the most important tools for organizations to tackle the Employee Retention issue. I have experienced both sides of this, being engaged with an organization […]


A Century in Saudi’s Labor Market

I have talked previously about working generations, but the problem with it was that the working generations were focused mainly about people in the United States of America, So for over a year now, I have been putting aside some time to research what type of generations that are in Saudi Arabia, and for the […]

Human Resources PsychoPhilosophy

Job Titles

I enjoy this topic and continue to chat about it with friends and colleagues, so I decided it is time to write about it. unfortunately wherever you are in this world your social standing is tied very well with your career of choice. I am not here to debate it, it is a fact that in […]

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Training, What Does It Really Do To The Employee And The Company?

Training, What Does It Really Do To The Employee And The Company? Well, first thing is first, Wikipedia defines training as “Training is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.”, now that we defined training, lets dissect it, […]