Monthly Archives: April 2013

Career Day 1

Career Day Career Day is upon us once again, CVs being printed, booths being set up, all the preparations being finalized. I have to say, personally, I really enjoy career day, meet up with past colleagues  and see the young professionals that are going to be in the market. But I tell you, […]

Resume Writing Tips 1

Below are some Resume writing tips and mistakes, I have made this to be included in the booklet for fresh graduates attending SPE YP&SO UCD 2013 (Society of Petroleum Engineers – Young Professionals & Student Outreach – Upstream Career Day 2013) Resume Writing Tips Your resume needs to be professional and refined, because if […]

The Recruitment Process 1

The Recruitment Process It always depends on the HR manager and the recruitment manager, and no one can say that this THE best way to run the recruitment, a lot of aspects needs to be considered, and here are some important aspects that needs to be considered: 1- Size of […]

The Educational System – Why Should I Conform to What You Want? 3

I was a university student, and as most university students got a slap of reality when I started. I used to think that the educational system was this beautiful experience that I will have and cherish for the rest of my life, but soon after my entry to the higher […]