The Panel Interview 1

Continuing on Interview types, this week I will explore the panel interview, A.K.A. committee interview The panel interview can be very intimidating for candidates, I have been on both sides of that table, and although I know it very well, there has been some moments where it got overwhelming, the more people […]

Telephone Based Interview 3

Getting back to the Interview Types I wrote a couple of weeks ago, today I will be getting in a bit more details in the Telephone Based Interview: This method is one that I love and also hate, and this is how I will split this article up: Reasons why […]

Interview Types 8

I am back from a Two weeks sabbatical (Eid Holidays). And today’s article is going to be about all the different way a company can interview you. Interviews come in all shape and forms, recruiters have more than one chance to see if the candidate is fit not only for the job, […]

“Quoted” Interview

I have had this idea for a while to answer interview questions using quotes from movies and highly influential people, and there is no time like the present to finally get it done. Below are some epic answers, and funny ones.   Please don’t use this as a reference for good answers,,, as […]

As a Recruiter, What Grind My Gears? Part 2 (Hiring Managers Edition) 1

As a recruiter, I continue to be amazed, and I have talked about potential candidates,,, and now its time to get one step higher, Hiring Managers, I hope a lot of the hiring managers read this. Below you will find a list of behaviors that tend to really hit my nerves:    Before the […]

Should Employers Intervene in Education?

Should HR and employers be more involved in designing education curriculum to better reflect jobs? If so, why? Here I go again on education,,, I know it seems that I am against education,,, or that I always discourage people from continuing their education, but it is the exact opposite, when the destination […]

Masters Degree, is it a Good Idea? 2

  I know writing this will land me my share of enemies,,, but, it has been pretty stable for a while now and I need some… activity.   I have discussed this subject with a large amount of people, and regardless of my own opinion on the entire education system, what is […]

Saudization Myths and Facts 2

لقراءة ترجمة للمقال التالي يرجى  الضغط هنا Saudization Facts I have personally struggled with this subject, and try my very best to implement it wherever I can. But some companies are still hesitant to hire Saudis, and there excuses are -most of the times- ridiculous, and they are basing on myths that I personally […]

As a Recruiter, What Grind My Gears? 4

As a Recruiter, What Grind My Gears? As a recruiter, I continue to be amazed, either from behaviors or appearances (we will leave that to future posts), sometimes I honestly don’t know if they are doing this on purpose or not. Below you will find a list of behaviors that tend to really hit my nerves: […]

Career Day 1

Career Day Career Day is upon us once again, CVs being printed, booths being set up, all the preparations being finalized. I have to say, personally, I really enjoy career day, meet up with past colleagues  and see the young professionals that are going to be in the market. But I tell you, […]