As a Recruiter, What Grind My Gears?


As a Recruiter, What Grind My Gears?


As a recruiter, I continue to be amazed, either from behaviors or appearances (we will leave that to future posts), sometimes I honestly don’t know if they are doing this on purpose or not.

Below you will find a list of behaviors that tend to really hit my nerves:


  • In the CV:
    • Lies and Exaggeration:

Even if you get by me as a recruiter (highly unlikely) you will have to answer the battery of technical questions by the hiring manager, and even if you pass that, the truth will eventually come out, and believe me, if I ever find someone that lied about something and gotten passed me, I will do my very best to spread the word that this person LIED! So please keep your dignity and stay truthful.

    • Arabic/English CVs:

I know people think it is a good idea, I don’t know why! Please research the company you are applying for and prepare the CV accordingly.

    • CV Format:

I “search” for the CVs. SEARCH! If it is scanned and sent it will not register in the search and it will be missed. Please have it in Word, then if you like, export it to PDF. EXPORT, DO NOT PRINT AND SCAN!

    • Outdated CVs:

I understand if I got your CV from or Gulf Talent and I will expect you to send me an updated version, but if I receive an outdated version after that, that would be absolutely unacceptable.

    • Wrong or No Contact Information:

This is supposed to be a “no brainer”, but I continue to receive all types of mistakes and missing essential information.


  • Getting to me:
    • Mass Email Campaign:

It is always suggested to personalize each email to the company you want to be employed for, but if you are lazy, at least use your head, don’t put all the people you want to send your CV to in the “To:” box, put them in the “BCC:” box. This is the minimum, and it is also not recommended to grab my attention.

    • Spam My E-Mail:

Believe me, I know, you really want a job, but you have to know, sending me your CV every single day, that will just irritate me. it is suggested to send it every Quarter as a Maximum.


  • The Interviews:

If you are the one that initiated the phone call, Shame on you! If it was me and you knew that I was going to call you in that time, also Shame on you! but if it was the first time and I happen to catch you in a poor reception area, it is recommended that you suggest a better time to call me and I will be more than happy to do so, in fact, I will like your professionalism with dealing in this matter.

    • Asking about the Salary:

I know it is a big concern, I know it is considered one of the top 3 basis in Saudi Arabia when choosing a company. but please don’t ask me about the salary, when I ask you in the initial interview, it is to determine if it is in you range or not.

    • Getting in touch with the hiring manager without my knowledge:

It is one of the most unprofessional common acts that I have noticed, if you have questions or concerns, contact me, if I don’t have the answer, I will get it for you, or I will put you in touch with the hiring manager.

    • Dress code:

Every recruiter has stories on this, please present yourself positively and professionally (I will go in more details later).


  • After the Interview:
    • Calling me (consistently):

I know that you are eager, and I know that the job market is tough, but PLEASE wait for me to receive the answer from the hiring manager, then I will let you know, I usually give a time frame, if I don’t get back to you by then, you can remind me with a kind email, phone call, or text message, and even then, please don’t start calling me daily.

    • *


  • The Negotiation:
    • Asking me “can I get a better deal?”:

I know it is considered a “legit” question, but please know, I am representing the company’s benifit. That doesn’t mean that I will give you the worst possible deal and hope that you accept it, it means, I understand the job market and I understand what are the limitations.

    • Submitting the acceptance after the deadline:

I have to be honest, I have been on both sides of this, and I understand that the paradox of choice is not good, but it is noteworthy to say that this gets on the recruiter’s nerves, and it could potentially gets your job lost.

    • *


  • First Day of Work:
    • Not Showing Up:

You signed the offer, completed the medical, and I have already posted your data on the system, why haven’t you come? If it is an emergency, there are a lot of ways of communication methods, and eventually I understand, but sometimes people change their minds, and then they don’t even bother telling me! That is a BIG issue for me, and I don’t respect it at all.

    • Late arrival:

It is supposed to be common sense, first day of work, show up ON TIME! I don’t tell the anyone to come on the first day at the usual time, I give usually an hour or two for me to prepare whatever needs to be prepared for his arrival.


I might be adding to this list in the near future



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