Employee Relation

The Resignation

It is always unfortunate to see employees from your company resign. But it is a fact that there are always people on the move. The process usually starts with the HR department receiving the resignation from either the employee or the employee’s department, an exit interview is scheduled (sometimes its a 360 exit interview) -I will […]

Working Generations 7

So many times I have disagreed with my manager, father or uncle on work behaviors  which led me a couple of years ago to do some intensive research on this subject, this led me to deeply understand why we disagree and how to work together in harmony. Of course there is […]

Employee Retention 1

This subject is not a containable in one post, and I will add to more posts about this subject in the future. The first rule of solving any problem is admitting there is a problem, so, answer this question: Is your turnover rate acceptable? And to answer that question, you […]