Should HR be Outsourced?


There are situations where outsourcing can be considered as an option, but generally, it is not suggested and this is why:


The Human Resources function is an important department that supports the organization in meeting its goals and objectives in many ways:

  • The Human Resources department sets the policies and procedures and makes sure that they are all followed accordingly. In addition, they are viewed on yearly basis to ensure suitability, and best practices are always followed.
  • The Human Resources department also supplies the senior management with all the necessary reports that major decisions are based upon, whether it is the budgetary reports generated by the Manpower Planning & Recruitment section, employee progress reports, or the training budget sent by Learning & Development reports, and absences and tardiness reports are sent from the Payroll & Employee Relations section.
  • Manpower Planning & Recruitment section understands the business needs and plans the required manpower on yearly basis and through their networking they supply the company with all the required talent throughout the year. In addition, the Manpower Planning and Recruitment team are the face of the company during career fairs and any related exhibitions, where they meet and greet potential candidates, engage the potential candidates with the company and its products and services.
  • Learning & Development section is closely engaged with the company, performing a yearly TNA (Training Needs Analysis) after performing the yearly appraisal and always target the actual needs of improvements in the employees. In addition, they are managing the Induction program for all newly joined employees and handles the Talent Management Program (TMP) for the Hi-Potential and star employees, where they are nurtured and well-trained to be our future leaders in their respective departments thus implementing the best practice in succession management.

In Addition the Human Resources department is always there in assisting the Line Managers in different situations:

  • Compensation & Benefits and Manpower Planning & Recruitment sections are working closely with the line managers during the Job Analysis and the construction of Job Descriptions providing them with insight on the markets they are working in.
  • Learning & Development have an open line of communication with the line managers and are always consulted regarding Training programs. In addition, during the appraisal the learning and development section plays a key role in coaching the line managers on how to perform an appropriate appraisal for all the employees in the company.
  • Payroll & Employee Relations section is always providing the Line Managers with the attendance reports. Also, they are there to guide line managers if and when they need a disciplinary action towards an employee.
  • Manpower Planning & Recruitment supports the line managers in filling in any and all the vacant positions in the organization within the allotted time mentioned in the KPI.

The employees also are greatly benefited from HR services:

  • Learning & Development is the first experience an employee faces after being on boarded to the company; this happens through the induction program, they are continually improving on this valuable experience, where now the employees are fully aware of the company and its products.
  • Payroll & Employee Relations section’s doors are always open, receiving employees requests whether it is letter requests, or assistance with government documents and this especially beneficiary for the expatriate staff. Also, they are always assisting employees if and when they have any grievances, investigating their validity and guiding them through the proper channels. In addition, they offer the support to the newly joined employees in explaining the policies and procedures.
  • Compensation & Benefits review the salary structure, grading structure, job descriptions, on a yearly basis, this ensures fair treatment of all employees and ensures that the company is always offering competitive packages in the market.

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