Training Delivery Types (Instructor-Led Training)

Previously I have talked about “Training, What Does It Really Do To The Employee And The Company?”, now I will go into some details about Training Delivery Types for Instructor-Led Training:


There are Two main types of Instructor-Led training:

  • In-House Training (Cross-Department):

In this category, you will find mostly the behavioral training, usually medium and large companies do their behavioral training in this manner, most of the general population when asked about this type of training they would say that companies are doing that to help them in saving some costs, but also there is a greater benefit from this type of training, it strengthens the team work between departments, this will be  extremely beneficiary when you need departments to work together for a greater goal.

Some companies choose to have it in a hotel and other companies chose to have it in a training room in the company.  When you have the training in the company, companies think that it shows the focus of the company on training, but the one of the aspects of training is changing the atmosphere, but when an employee goes to training in the same atmosphere it will make him loose interest in the training, also, distractions are eminent, whether it is a phone call from his manager asking him for a certain file or an actual visit from his subordinate asking him to sign a paper (I have seen both cases) it always distract the trainer, the other attendees, and the employee being asked for whatever service. That is why I always prefer that the training is done in a hotel away from work distractions.

But companies beware, overusing this style and not giving the employee a chance on the other style DOES in fact mean the sole purpose of using this style is saving some money.

  • Individual Training:

This does not mean a one-to-one coaching, this usually means the training is specific for one or two employees, this is usually for technical training, now in reality it is highly likely that it will cost more, and that is the excuse  most of the time, but there is a hidden excuse that employers don’t really want to admit. They are afraid that their employee gets poached. And this is the reality in most of the BAD managers, Ricky Gervais once said: “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side!” well, in this case, I will have to disagree with Ricky! It is in fact greener when you have a bad manager. Now on the other hand, if you were a good leader, you will greatly benefit from sending your employees.

An employee will return with same career connections, also, will return with practices that can be either used or tweaked for a better practice  Not counting the satisfaction they will have from attending a course with similar minded people.

More to come on this subject in due time.

Hamad S. Al-Jibreen, Assoc. CIPD, is currently working in an international organization as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Also, he have been employed in different sectors including Petrochemical, Oil/Gas and manufacturing. He has about 4 years of experience in various Human Resources disciplines. He is currently holding 2 Associate Degree Diplomas in Human Resources Practice from CIPD and Computer Science (Programming) from King Saud University. He have been assigned as a Facilitator for different courses. In addition, he has delivered Training courses on Competency and Front Line Supervisory Training in various countries in the GCC Region.

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