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Continuing on the subject of interview types, this week I am getting into the Video interview


I will have to say, this is a fun way to conduct an interview, capitalizing on the technological advancements, HR has been using this method for a while now, personally I have been on both sides of the screen, and it has always been interesting  the atmosphere, the interaction with candidates and/or hiring managers, it never disappoints.

I will use the same method I used in my previous articles:

  • Reasons why I love it:
    • Convenience:

How many times was

    • Cost saving:

I personally hate the statement “cut cost” or any other way to say we don’t want to spend money. The video interview is a good way to nip that statement in the bud, for the video interview is a very cost efficient way to conduct an interview with far away candidates.

    • Positive use of technology:

Now my background in programming kicks in, whenever I see a positive use of technology used, I almost automatically tend to lean towards it.

  • Reasons why I hate it:

Some examples that makes the whole experience frustrating:

    • Low-Speed internet connection:

It is OK if you tell the recruiter that you are in an area with low-speed internet connection, but don’t let me find that information on the day of the interview. Make sure that you test the connection and/or you are aware of the connection speed before accepting a video interview

    • Poor quality equipment:

I am not saying that I should be able to see you in high definition resolution with surround sound, but very cheap equipment make it very difficult to focus on the interview, so please, if the equipment is poor, just inform the recruiter that you are unable to do the video interview, other solutions will be made available.

    • Location, location, location:

As in real-estate, this rule applies here too, please make sure that the location is quite, shut down or mute any radio, or television in the vicinity, and please DO NOT do the interview in an internet cafe!

    • Poor set-up:

Please make sure that the background you are going to be in front of is blank, or at least professional and clean. You are representing yourself, and to have a messy room in the background is the equivalent to coming to the interview poorly dressed, and smelling really bad. Also, proper lighting should be available, I hate staring at a black screen with the screen light is the only thing there to light the area.

I have put in so much effort in making the interview happen, then on the date and time of said interview, the candidate is a NO-SHOW!!!

Hamad S. Al-Jibreen, Assoc. CIPD, is currently working in an international organization as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Also, he have been employed in different sectors including Petrochemical, Oil/Gas and manufacturing. He has about 4 years of experience in various Human Resources disciplines. He is currently holding 2 Associate Degree Diplomas in Human Resources Practice from CIPD and Computer Science (Programming) from King Saud University. He have been assigned as a Facilitator for different courses. In addition, he has delivered Training courses on Competency and Front Line Supervisory Training in various countries in the GCC Region.

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