One-on-One Interview

Getting back to interview types, this week I am getting into the one-on-one interview:


Probably my favorite type of interviews, the one-on-one interview is probably the best way to get information on motivators, knowledge, …etc, people usually are more prone to give information to one person rather than broadcasting it to a group. I use this method mostly when I am interviewing HR candidates to be a part of my team.

Again, I will use the same method I used in my previous articles:

  • Reasons why I love it:
    • Pace Control:

As a recruiter, I understand when to take a step back and slow down the interview -especially if the candidate is nervous- and when to move the conversation forward.

    • Fewer distractions:

Unlike the panel interview, the one-on-one gives you pure one-on-one time, I can get the result I seek easier and faster.

    • knowledgeable:

As I stated before, most of the time I am interviewing for an HR position, so I know exactly what I am looking for, and that includes knowledge and suitability of the candidate to fit in the team, and even if it was for a position outside the HR function, I would be very aware and knowledgeable about it.


Reasons why I hate it:

Honestly not a lot of reasons to hate this style:

I have put in so much effort in making the interview happen, then on the date and time of said interview, the candidate is a NO-SHOW!!!


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