Resume Writing Tips

Below are some Resume writing tips and mistakes, I have made this to be included in the booklet for fresh graduates attending SPE YP&SO UCD 2013 (Society of Petroleum Engineers – Young Professionals & Student Outreach – Upstream Career Day 2013)


  • Resume Writing Tips
    • Your resume needs to be professional and refined, because if you don’t have a professional resume, your application probably won’t get a second look from a recruiter.
    • There are numerous standard styles of resumes used to applying for job opportunities. Depending on your situations, choose a chronological, a functional, combination, or a targeted resume.
    • Make some time to create a targeted resume that is adjusted so that it explicitly highlights the experience you have that is applicable to the job you are applying for.
    • Most employers use software to sort candidates for job opportunities. Use keywords so that recruiters search for when going through their database of resumes.
    • When it comes to the length of the resume and especially for fresh graduates: only 1 page.


  • Resume Writing Mistakes
    • Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are your worst enemy. Spell check then proofread then have a friend or family member go over your resume. It’s difficult to see your own errors, so having someone other than you proofread your resume for you will be the best way to go.
    • An old resume will not be good for your image. Your resume should be up-to-dated for every job opportunity you apply for. Be sure to update your skills as well as your work history.
    • Don’t tell the recruiter all the details about each job. Focus on the key accomplishments, and don’t use a job description which only lists your responsibilities; Make sure the recruiter can easily see how you added value in your role.
    • Keep your resume to 1 – 2 pages. You don’t need to include everything you did.
    • Beginning your resume with routine or unrelated responsibilities. Always start with the achievements that show that you have key abilities relevant to the job you are applying for.
    • Being too unsure of your achievements. Share any honors or appreciation you have received i.e. “Received a Manager Appreciation award for Service Quality several times”


Hamad S. Al-Jibreen, Assoc. CIPD, is currently working in an international organization as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Also, he have been employed in different sectors including Petrochemical, Oil/Gas and manufacturing. He has about 4 years of experience in various Human Resources disciplines. He is currently holding 2 Associate Degree Diplomas in Human Resources Practice from CIPD and Computer Science (Programming) from King Saud University. He have been assigned as a Facilitator for different courses. In addition, he has delivered Training courses on Competency and Front Line Supervisory Training in various countries in the GCC Region.

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