CIPD 100 Years of Leading HR Into the Future

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If you know me, or if you read my previous posts you would know that I lean towards CIPD more than others. Well this month counts the 100th birthday for CIPD and I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulation them and to finally quit procrastinating and get a membership already, I will start with the standard, and hopefully work my self up.

In this joyous occasion CIPD decided to do a potted history of work-related ideas and events in a form of a timeline, I really suggest reading it, as it is a good read.

Peter Cheese, chief executive at the CIPD, comments: “Reflecting on the CIPD’s history demonstrates how much has changed in the world of work over the past 100 years and how much the HR profession has achieved. But there is still much more we can do to bring some HR practices up to date with the new realities of today’s workforces and workplaces, and as the very nature of work continues to change at an unprecedented rate, we need to be better equipped to anticipate and respond, now and in the future.”

“With the huge traumas affecting businesses and economies in recent years, there’s never been a more important or interesting time for those of us whose expertise lies in managing, developing and motivating the contribution of people to long-term organisation performance Business leaders and HR professionals alike need to get better at recognising and identifying the changing nature of work. Organisations that can anticipate and harness these changes will thrive and prosper, benefiting individuals, economies and society. But to reap these rewards, we need to create truly agile organisations that change continuously, rather than in fits and starts, and challenge conventional wisdom about what drives performance and success. TheCIPD-Mix Hackathon with Gary Hamel is intended to help the profession do just that.”

Also, if you are in the London Region on 18-19 September 2013, CIPD will be hosting a Centenary Dinner & Conference where confirmed speakers include:

In addition CIPD invited its members and prominent thinkers to join their 100 thoughts project, where they were asked to do is to tell them their vision for the future of work, the workforce, and the workplace. How do you think HR will play a leading role?

You can find the results here.

All this is exciting and I hope the next 100 years to be more successful.

Hamad S. Al-Jibreen, Assoc. CIPD, is currently working in an international organization as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Also, he have been employed in different sectors including Petrochemical, Oil/Gas and manufacturing. He has about 4 years of experience in various Human Resources disciplines. He is currently holding 2 Associate Degree Diplomas in Human Resources Practice from CIPD and Computer Science (Programming) from King Saud University. He have been assigned as a Facilitator for different courses. In addition, he has delivered Training courses on Competency and Front Line Supervisory Training in various countries in the GCC Region.

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