How to Control the World?


How to Control the World?


This is a very interesting Question, but it cannot be answered so simply, it all depends on what kind of control do you want, how do you want to acquire it, and what image do you want after the control.

The answer varies between raging a global war to hypnosis.

The mongols tried complete destruction lead by Genghis Khan and they did that with great power, destroying civilizations  including the Chinese, Arabs, and almost reaching Europe, but now,,, Mongolia is considered a 3rd world countries, and people live in huts in one of the coldest deserts in the world. Also Persians, Romans, Greek, and Hitler took the same path, but that led them to the same outcome, a short lived pride, then destruction of the civilization.

Conquer and Divide was the European idea, Spain, Portugal, and the famous British empire, and it was a very smart idea, They would conquer a country and divide the people within the country so that they would need a governing power from the outside, that would guarantee the conquering country the power, but in the long run it does not work and a great example of this is the great British empire, the empire that would never see the sun set, and now what have become of it? a small island (considering the past) that is a follower.

But in my opinion I think the correct variables to control the world should be:

What kind of control do you want?
Complete domination of the world.
How do you want to acquire it?
Peacefully (I can almost see the ironic smiles and hear the ironic chuckles)
What image do you want after the control?
A hero.

Now I know that these seem to be impossible variables for this equation, but with the right resources, it is possible. Everybody knows Harry Houdini, he wasn’t a magician, he was an artist. He could make an elephant disappear in the middle of a theater filled with people, and do you know how he did that? Misdirection, What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.

This is truly the only way, set the people to your believe, make them love what you love, adore what you adore, and most importantly hate and loath what you hate and loath, that can never be done through power, it is done psychologically, without them knowing. that is made very easy through the beautiful inventions (TV, Radio, Internet,…etc). You see before these inventions, news traveled very slow, the Muslims invented a very interesting way to carry news, they would set points from one city to another and with a person in every point, a person would sprint from one point to another delivering the message to the next person, that would guarantee the fastest delivery. But that would only be for official government mail, but now, there are hundreds of channels, thousands of magazines, millions of websites, tons of games, a message can be sent through those channels, let’s take a very small example, almost everyone saw the movie (The Dark Night) and arguably is considered one of the best movies ever, and is the 10th best movie according to the Internet movie database, I can’t disagree, in some points, the acting was very good, the production was beautifully done, but there was a small detail, which most people didn’t notice, at the end of the movie the conversation between Batman and Alfred about the invasive surveillance technology, which was actually an obvious defense of the patriot act. This was made in one particular scene, in one movie, imagine the impact of the mass media outputs, putting the ideas a small portion at a time, until the people start to agree with it, and a small addition to this is,,, sex, sex always sells. put sex with mass media, and you will get the perfect tool to control the world with you being the hero at the end.



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