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This is definitely something I am proud to see, I would like to thank all my viewers and hope that they gained knowledge from reading my articles.





This is a significant push and hopefully the best is yet to come.

Please if enjoy the articles, or think someone might be interested and/or might benefit from them, share it with them, (sharing is caring).

Additionally, if you have a subject that I haven’t yet covered, and would like me to cover, please feel free to reach out to me and request the subject, I will be more than happy to do so.


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Diverse Human Resources experience spanning semi-government, startups, business consulting, oil/gas, petrochemicals and multinational corporations. Deep understanding of multiple sectors of economy. Drives business performance, people and culture change, and transformation initiatives through encouragement and empowerment, and human capital management expertise. Leverages best practices, and regional experience to identify challenges to deliver sustained results. Overhauling the organization's Policies to reduce redundancies in: o Manpower Planning. o Budgeting. o Recruitment. o Training. o Development. A change champion, excited to explore new and better ways of positively improving the world of work and business, through transformational leadership. An approachable connector, engaging and accessible to coworkers with whom people sense the genuine interest in their personal well-being. Adding to that being a dynamic public speaker, engaging presenter with exceptional platform skills.

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