Month: June 2013

New Weekend in Saudi Arabia

            Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah issued a royal decree as per the following: No. 185/A Date: 14/08/1433H – 23-06-2013 A royal… Read more »

Should Employers Intervene in Education?

Should HR and employers be more involved in designing education curriculum to better reflect jobs? If so, why? Here I go again on education,,, I know it seems that I am against… Read more »

CIPD 100 Years of Leading HR Into the Future

  If you know me, or if you read my previous posts you would know that I lean towards CIPD more than others. Well this month counts the 100th birthday… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Wage a War on Cash

I know this is not my place of expertise, but I have debated this subject on numerous occasions. David Edelman (McKinsey partner leading Digital Mktng Strategy Practice) wrote an article on11-June-2013 titled… Read more »

Employee Retention

This subject is not a containable in one post, and I will add to more posts about this subject in the future. The first rule of solving any problem is… Read more »

Masters Degree, is it a Good Idea?

  I know writing this will land me my share of enemies,,, but, it has been pretty stable for a while now and I need some… activity.   I have discussed… Read more »