What a Social Media Job Post Should Look Like?



OK, who among us hasn’t seen a similar job post on LinkedIn or any other social media outlet…

[Urgently Needed]
###### Specialist/Manager
Saudi [Male/Female] Only
Strong English Language Skills
## Years of Experience
Location: ######
Basic Salary: to be determined after the interview
Housing Allowance
Transportation Allowance
Medical Insurance
Training & Development
Please send CVs to ######@gmail.com
Only resumes that match the job profile will be contacted

Let’s Break it down:

  • When you mention it is [Urgently Needed], candidates expect a faster engagement.
  • The Job title should link to the Job description.
  • Strong, Excellent, and any other adjectives are very open to interpretation, try to be more specific.
  • Location is always important, and yet I still observe posts where they don’t mention the location, or sometimes worst, they would mention multiple locations and when it comes to the actual needs some of the locations mentioned would be excluded (because candidates have been identified before the campaign)
  • Traditionally speaking and in mature organizations, a job isn’t posted unless it goes through an approval process, and the most important part of it would be the cost. It is an extremely rare occasion that a job would be publicized without approving a certain budget for it, additionally, some posts share a range, which is a good step, but keep in mind that where the organization focuses on the lower range of the scale, all the candidates will focus on the higher number, it is a good way to show transparency in the organization, I prefer to use starting from, as it will manage expectations and share
  • If you are offering more than the industry standard of 25% housing and 10% transportation then it should be highlighted, if not, then you are not special, and you are just trying to make the post heavy with words.
  • Medical Insurance, it is not an added benefit, it is the law to offer medical insurance in Saudi Arabia for the employee and all his direct family in Saudi Arabia, therefore, it shouldn’t be mentioned unless you offer a certain coverage that isn’t mandated by the law, or if you include parents in the coverage.
  • Another cliched addition to the posts is training and development. If it is a development program it is encouraged to mention it, but Unless that or the training is internationally recognized and accredited my recommendation is not to mention it.
  • The email should always be an official email for a company (or even a recruitment agency) but avoid at all costs using a free public email service.
  • Lastly, and I can’t emphasize this point anymore if you initiate a conversation (even as simple as requesting a resume) you should always inform the candidate about the results. Whatever the response and whatever the circumstances, keep the candidate in the loop.

As a general guideline I would recommend that the post looks like the following (feel free to use this as a template):

[Job Post]
Position (linked to the Job Description)
Gender/Nationality Requirements (Especially if it is mandated by law)
Preferences: (Only mention the critical points)
    * Required English Level
    * Required Background Experience
    * ## Years of Experience
Location: ######
    * Only mention the benefits that are out of the ordinary
Please send CVs to ######@COMPANY-NAME.com
What a Social Media Job Post Should Look Like?
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What a Social Media Job Post Should Look Like?
OK, who among us hasn’t seen a similar job post on LinkedIn or any other social media outlet…
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