Millennial Generation


I have written previously about working generations but the problem was that the working generations were focused mainly on people in the United States of America. Therefore I have dedicated adequate time to focus on this matter. And as a result, I ended up with “A Century in Saudi’s Labor Market”.

Below I will be expanding on the Millennial Generation, Started Working (2000-2010)

This was the generation that entered the workforce age after the new millennium (2000 to 2010). This generation grew up seeing their fathers and uncles work in offices with some responsibilities. They saw the effect of higher education and specialization on careers. This generation had the opportunity to actually be properly educated and even get higher education e.g. Master’s Degree. They also witnessed the beginning of women entering the workforce. However, the greater influencer was the internet. This generation had the internet growing up, and thus enabling them to explore even more information. Also, the rise and fall of the stock market affected many Saudi citizens. Additionally, after the new millennium, the job market started to offer better salaries but positions were still limited.


  • Influences:

This generation has been influenced mainly by the internet and the speed of transferring information, additionally, it was influenced by the Gulf War, the cell phone, new millennium, and terrorism events, the rise, and fall of the stock market, the establishments of companies such as MaadenSTC. Furthermore, the establishment of Saudi joint stock companies such as TasneeSipchemSAHARA, and Advanced Petrochemicals company had an influence.


  • Characteristics:
    • Post-Graduate Education: This generation saw the increase of post-graduate education need in the business world.
    • Technology Awareness: Influenced mainly by the internet and the speed of transferring information, This generation grew up understanding the potential importance of technology and got the first-hand experience.
    • Family Oriented: experiencing both sides of the extremes (“Sahwa Movement”  and the openness of the world through the internet) made the main focus of the family begin to be more on the direct family.
    • Self-Development Focus: The high speed of transferring information aided the notion of self-development and organizations began to be stagnant. In addition, bureaucracy increased which significantly affected the development of that period.


  • Pros:
    • Leadership Oriented: The notion of “Old School” management style was starting to fade away, and leadership started to get some traction.
    • Global Awareness and Open-Mindedness: Influenced mainly by the internet. The generation got the opportunity to interact with the entire world which gave them a clearer vision to understand and be open-minded.
    • An increase of Speed and Multitasking: The speed of transferring information caused an absolute necessity to be able to multitask.
    • Career Focus: The internet opened up a  world of possibilities and the focus on a career became more important than simply getting a job.


  • Cons:
    • Easy Distraction and Quick Boredom with Short Attention Span: Globally and from a psychological point of view, the internet would be the major contributor to the aforementioned negative traits.
    • Job Hopping: Focusing on self-development affected people’s loyalty towards their organizations.
    • The Desire for Fast-Tracked Management Roles: The speed of transferring information created a culture of impatience in this generation that can be felt in this attribute.


  • Workplace:

This was the time when the job market started to offer better compensation and benefits but positions were still insufficient.


  • Work Philosophy (why they work):

The philosophy formed into a pursuit of a career.

Millennial Generation
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Millennial Generation
This was the generation that entered the workforce age after the new millennium (2000 to 2010).
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