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I am Hamad S. Al-Jibreen, I am currently working in a regional organization as a Human Resources Manager. Also, I have been employed in different sectors including Petrochemical, Oil/Gas, Manufacturing and Consulting. I have more than 5 years of experience in various Human Resources disciplines. I am currently holding 1 Bachelor Degree and 2 Associate Degree Diplomas:

  • Bachelor Degree in Psycology from King Abdulaziz University.
  • Associate CIPD Diploma in Human Resources Practice (HRP) from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
  • Associate Degree Diploma in Computer Science (Programming) from King Saud University.


I have also been assigned as a Facilitator and a trainer for different courses. In addition, I have delivered Training courses on Competency and Front Line Supervisory Training in various countries in the GCC Region.

I am going to focus more on Saudi Arabia Human Resources, and what are some observations on them. I might take a look at the Global Human Resource, but I don’t want to promise anything.

I am an HR professional, passionate about Human Resources, Psychology, and Human Behavior.

I worked in the HR function and under the following sections:

  • Recruitment:
    • Instigated and utilized Social Media as part of overall Recruitment process.
    • Managed the Social Networking presence.
    • Designed and coded an online Application Form to be used for career fairs.
    • Redesigned the Application Form & the Interview Form.
    • Worked on the improvement of nationalization through hiring high potential staff and setting up career paths through training and development.
    • Presented the organization in the job fairs (campus selection) and exhibitions.
  • Training & Development:
    • Performed TNA (Training Needs Analysis).
    • Evaluated course outline and trainer C.Vs.
    • Designed a unified digital application process for all the managers to use to select training for their employees.
    • Designed a unified digital application process for all the managers to use to select training for their employees.
    • Deliver training sessions across the GCC region.
    • Raised the country’s training percentages.


In addition to the above I have created and developed work methods, policies, procedures, and flow charts for the following sections:

    • Manpower Planning.
    • Budgeting.
    • Recruitment.
    • Training.
    • Development.



  1. Extremely helpful information, really valuable for me as a fresh HR Graduate. Is there is any other way to contact you for more information “email”?

  2. Its very hard to get such kind of information. Many thanks for your effort and your devotion to your sphere is extensively appreciable. Very happy and curious to read more information from your professionally organized blog. Mr. Hamad, I personally sent message on your linkedin page for some professional suggestions and guidance. I would be humbly waiting your response. Once again, your work is informative and so much cooperative for others. Thanks.

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